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Bringing experience in organizing and compassion to your move.


Providing an extensive array of managing, moving and relocation services, tailored to each clients' needs with special consideration of the unique requirements of Senior Citizens.

We work with our clients to coordinate all aspects of their move, including:

  • Planning, packing and orchestrating a downsizing or relocation of the clients' possessions
  • Creating a timetable for the move, including appointments with utility companies, mail forwarding arrangements, contracting with moving company, etc
  • Assessing and cataloging items, arranging for items of value to be sold if appropriate
  • Consulting on minor home improvements and negotiating with contractors on behalf of the client
  • Providing a cleaning service after the move
  • Creating a floor plan for the clients' new residence, and helping to select items that will "fit" in the new surroundings


The Next Move, LLC
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